Welcome to Taiga Yoga School: Land and Heart Practice.

I’m so glad you’re here!

You’re thinking about signing up for 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.  That’s a big decision!

It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

The next intake is in October 2019. Here’s the tentative schedule (details subject to change).

Yoga is steeped in history and simultaneously rooted in the present moment. This 200-hour teacher training is:

  • an inquiry into your own reasons for practicing yoga
  • a lesson in yoga’s history and
  • a collaborative approach to developing teaching techniques.


I call this training Land and Heart Practice as a reminder of our connection to the land. Yoga has been around for dozens of generations. The practice transcends cultures and is practiced by all kinds of people because it teaches a universal truth.

We are all connected to the land and to each other.

In this program, you’ll examine your relationship to yourself, to others and to the land through the lens of yoga.

You will investigate the wheel of yoga, the eight-fold path, anatomy, the poses of yoga, meditation, acroyoga and therapeutic applications of yoga.

Yoga is the tool to navigate life and to understand how to manage your journey. The practice is an examination of the spiritual, physical and emotional self and how you relate to everything around you.


The intention of yoga is to understand the Self in relation to the self. The Self is the underlying nature of bliss shared with all living beings. The self is the personality, body and mind unique to each person. By understanding that everyone/thing exists in harmony, you can mindfully negotiate your way through life’s ups and downs. Yoga removes the obstacles that keep you obsessed with life’s highs and lows and helps you access your true nature of bliss and calm.

Over 200 intensive hours, you will discover how this practice fits into your life and you will define your skills as a teacher. As a teacher of yoga, you will use compassion and patience to guide students toward their own application of a land and heart practice. The responsibility of teaching yoga is enormous, but your commitment to learn about the task is proof of your willingness to take on the task.

Welcome to the program. Be receptive to new ideas and acknowledge every teacher. Your commitment to deepen your practice and to teach others is admirable. Peace will guide your way, but be tenacious and determined in your journey.




About Me

I have been practicing yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2010. My love for the practice and for sharing knowledge lead me to multiple teacher trainings. Below is a list of yoga teacher training programs I have completed:

300-hour YTT Hatha Yoga, Ajna Yoga School (2010)

100-hour YTT Ashtanga Yoga, Loka Yoga School (2016)

50-hour YTT AcroYoga, AcroYoga Inc. (2017)

50-hour YTT Ashtanga Yoga, Manju Jois (2017)

15-hour YTT Yin Yoga, Carly Forest (2017)

I also have a certificate in community coaching from the National Coaching Certification Board of Canada (NCCP) and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Athabasca University.

In 2013, I launched my website and blog, Yoga Uttara. In Sanskrit, Uttara translates to mean “north” or “up.” My home is in Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories, so describing my yoga practice as “way up there” is significant.

Since I started teaching in 2010, I have dreamed of leading a yoga teacher training. This 200-hour YTT is the result of many years of practice, contemplation, teaching and writing. The October 2019 intake is the second round of Yoga Teacher Trainees! Photo gallery from June/July 2019 here.

By signing up to be a student of Taiga Yoga School, you will also be a teacher. The practice of yoga is dynamic because it pays equal merit to its history and teachers and its present and students.

Every yogi is a teacher and a student.

Yoga fits into our lives in unexpected ways and every yogi provides a unique insight into the value of the practice. Collaborative learning will exemplify this notion.

Yoga is about mental fortitude, physical strength and steadiness of mind. Practicing yoga provides me with the strength to overcome physical and emotional challenges. Teaching yoga provides an outlet to share my passion. Writing about yoga captures the journey. I am excited to have compiled what I know into a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and I look forward to telling my stories and hearing about your perceptions and knowledge of yoga.

Meet you on the mat.

Program Details

Program Evaluation

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Scholarship Information

Thoughts for Yoga Teachers: Yoga as Therapy (Blog Post)

Five Reasons to Take a Yoga Teacher Training Program


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