Guest Teachers at Yoga Teacher Training

Signing up for 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training is a big commitment! I want to ensure that you get the most possible value from the experience.

You’re coming to this teacher training with an array of knowledge about yoga and specific ideas about how yoga fits into your life. In fact, every yoga teacher and student has a very specific idea about where yoga belongs.

That’s what this teacher training is all about. Figuring out your own application of yoga, and then teaching yourself how to describe the practice in a way that’s relevant and specific for students!

To this end, I’ve enlisted several guest teachers for the teacher training. Most afternoons, we’ll get the privilege of learning from local yoga teachers who have carved out a yoga practice for themselves among the chaos of their own lives.

So who have we got?

Melissa Chung is a highly experienced yoga teacher and is also certified in several fitness modalities. She is able to seamlessly adapt her teaching for  advanced yoga students and complete beginners and everyone in between. Teaching to a diverse group of students requires honed power of observation. After this workshop, you’ll have an arsenal of strategies for teaching to different abilities.

Norma French-Heslep is an intuitive and compassionate teacher who understands the power of yoga for managing mental health. Walk into this workshop and hear a personal narrative about where yoga fits with mental health. Walk out of this workshop armed with insight about your own relationship with mental health and yoga.

Brittany Herriot is an acroyoga guru and a 200-hr teacher of Hatha yoga. Her contagious enthusiasm for acroyoga will inspire you to participate in the playful practice. This workshop will be sporty and fun. She’ll start with a circle ceremony, where the acro participants introduce themselves. She’ll include a discussion about the value of touch and then teach some acro that is appropriate for 2, 3, or more people.

Linda Kalbun will describe the basics of offering trauma sensitive yoga.  A trauma-informed approach, in addition to the use of props and adaptations, is also applied in introducing yoga to students with physical limitations. Relevant to trauma-informed yoga is the healing power of yoga nidra. The session will conclude with a soothing yoga nidra session.

Danielle McPhail is a mental health and addictions counsellor and is also a nurturing teacher of yoga and pilates. She presents yoga as therapy through movement. Her therapeutic classes emphasize self-observation to promote healing. Expect to finish this workshop with a feeling of mastery of your movement and of your emotions.

Tyler Rentmeister is a lifelong learner and yoga enthusiast. He is adaptive and skilled at incorporating many different styles of yoga into his teachings. He completed 200 hours of Sivananda teacher training, and will be discussing the contribution of sivananda to yoga’s lineage.

Bronwyn Rorke is an inspiring teacher who can teach vigorous power classes or contemplative meditation classes with equal aplomb. She has spent a lot of  time examining buddhist teachings and will be leading a workshop on meditation and mantra. Expect a captivating and transformative perspective on meditation.

Johanna Tiemessen is a teacher and practitioner of the Nia Technique. She believes in connecting to the self through movement and meditation. Her charismatic teachings of the Nia Technique leave students feeling powerful, invigorated and happy. Count on a vivid introduction to Nia in this workshop. If you’re already familiar with Nia Technique, you know you’ll blissfully lose yourself in the practice.

Want to learn more from this powerful group of yoga teachers?

Yoga Teacher Training starts on June 10, 2019



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Schedule – June & July 2019

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