About Kate

I have been practicing yoga since 2001 and have been teaching since 2010. I regularly practice yoga to stretch my muscles, increase strength, stamina and resilience, calm my mind and to support my athletic lifestyle.

I want to share my belief that yoga contributes to a calm mind and a strong body.

My very first yoga class  was with Judy McNicol at Yellowknife Racquet Club. I had just returned home from my first year of university and had purchased a four-month gym membership. My goal was to lose the 10 pounds that I had gained from eating too much cafeteria food. Judy’s classes were certainly a physical workout, but as I attended more of her classes, I began to enjoy the inner focus that the classes were giving me as much as I enjoyed the physical benefits. The time spent in the yoga studio became time that I was able to let go of whatever else was happening in my life.

With the help of Judy’s classes, I eventually did lose my “freshman 10,” but it was the focus on letting go of distracting thoughts and focusing on my breath that kept me coming back to yoga.

In 2010, I completed my 300 hour yoga teacher training with Jules Payne and Michelle Shroeder at Ajna Yoga in Victoria, BC. Since then, I have taught in the YMCA in Montreal, at White Gold Yoga in Whistler, BC and at Taiga Yoga in Yellowknife, NT.

I am currently upgrading my teaching skills with 300 hours of teacher training with Tina James at Loka Yoga in Whistler, BC. Our first module, Vinyasa Krama, is March25-April 3, 2016. Stay tuned as I reflect and write about the journey with Tina.

Meditating on a beautiful fall day. Walsh Lake, NWT.

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